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I and my friends get all dolled up in out tight wet look miniskirts and hit the party scene showing off my firm thighs and tight round ass and yes my stilettos. We were defiantly turning heads, and this cougar went on the hunt.


I’m sitting at the bar rubbing my thighs and scanning my domain. There are some mighty fine guys that may be able to satisfy my hunger, as I’m scanning the area sucking on my drink I have tracked down a nice tight stud.


He notices me undressing him with my eyes, he smiles and I run my tongue across my lips and suck on my drink. He walks up and gets me another drink; I continue to check him out at a much closer view. What a hard body, tight jeans and cut abs, I open my legs and adjust in the stool. He asks if I would like to go to a table, I said sure lets go. Leaving the other girls at the bar, I head out with him in tow, as he grabs my tight round ass. I turn my head and smile at him; I bet his cock is hard waiting to see what I’m going to do.


As we sit their making small talk, I make the first move and run my hand down his abs and slide it over his round cock, I squeeze it as he starts to get revved up, and needs to take me. He is totally confident in his abilities to satisfy my inner cougar. He runes his hand under my skirt and between my thighs and under my thong like a pro. He starts playing with my clit, as I slide down the chair so he has easier access to my now swollen lips.


He leans over and whispers in my ear as he now has a firm hand on my pussy if I want to leave. I look at him with that I need a good fuck look. Without saying a word we leave, not knowing what he had in mind we go to his SUV. I’m thinking we are going to go back to my place; he had more serious and immediate plans.


He opens the back door and allows me to get in; I start to ender the back seat as he runs his hand around my firm round ass. He follows and closes the door behind him. He waists now time getting busy. He leans me back and pulls my thong down my silky thighs and across my stilettos.


My pussy is wet and willing as he starts to slide his fingers up my creamy pink pussy. I grab him by the hair and force him down on me, his tongue sliding around the tip of my now swollen lips. His hands cup my tight round ass. He sucks my creamy wet pussy into his mouth, shaking his head back and forth running his tongue across my clit. My thighs start to quiver, my ass lifts off the seat to give him total access to my hot pink pussy. I grab the seat and start to scream as my pussy starts to cum.


He is relentless, he so loves sucking my pussy dry, I explode and cum directly in to his mouth. He takes every drop my sweet juice, he looks up and smiles, I am completely satisfied.


He opens the door as I pull my skirt down and head back in. My pussy hasn’t felt that good in a long time. I leave my panties behind in hope that I will see him again.


The other girls still have the bar enjoy the music cant believe I came back, I tell them I did cum but I don’t kiss and tell.


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